Force & Torque

Since 1897, Johnson Scale Company has been the standard for convenience, reliability and value in force measurement , offering mechanical and digital gauges and manual and motorized test stands by Mark-10, Chatillon, LLoyds and Mecmesin that are recognized worldwide for their superior craftsmanship and rugged reliability. Our Force Measurement products are providing leading global companies with the solutions to meet these requirements. From laboratory experimentation to quality control work stations to production line testing. Johnson Scale force measurement products are meeting the demands for accuracy, testing capability, ease of use, flexibility and economy. Our complete line of force measurement instruments include gauges, test stands, gripping fixtures and software for testing the compression and tension of virtually any item in virtually any environment. Everything from simple,low cost dial gauges to highly precise digital gauges with USB outputs, and software for measurements from a few grams up to 20,000lbs. Plus we offer a full line of manual and motorized test stands, gripping fixtures and software to go with them, providing complete testing systems and environments to meet your specific needs.

Types of force measurement equipment

  • Analog force gauges: Rugged & reliable, these basic low cost gauges provide accurate force measurement readings. Maximum reading pointer hold peak force readings.
  • Digital force gauges: Offer higher levels of precision readings and ease of use with rapid internal sampling rates. All model capture and hold peak readings. Some models can calculate statistics and most include RS232 and USB ports for data transfer to PC’s.
  • Manual test stands: Rugged and reliable these lower priced stands are available in either lever or hand wheel operated versions and are suitable for a wide variety of applications where budgets are a concern.
  • Motorized test stands: Motorized test stands are available as simple to use dial or keypad control models or more advanced digitally controlled models that offer display and control of speed and travel distances. Most models can be programmed for speed, high and low deflection points, and single or continuous cycling. When used with the appropriate software force vs. deflection readings can be saved and or graphed for additional data analysis.
  • Gripping fixtures: Gripping fixtures are an integral parts of a testing system and are used to secure samples. Most of our fixtures can be used on any product line.
  • Software: Software is used in force measurement to improve and streamline the testing, data acquisition and data analysis process.

Types of force measurement testing

  • Pull to break
  • Rupture or compress to break
  • Pull to limit (load, displacement or time)
  • Compress to limit (load, displacement or time)
  • Cycling

Whatever your requirements, you can rest assured that you will find the right gauge, stand or gripping fixture on our site. Please click on one of the product categories below for further information on specific products.