Baseline Hand Dynamometer and measurement instruments have been used by orthopedists, therapists, FCE administers and professors since the 1980s. Many of you who have received therapy after an injury have probably had your progress tested throughout your rehabilitation with a Baseline hand dynamometer or measurement instrument.

The product line includes Hand Dynamometer and instruments to measure strength, range-of-motion, sensory perception, body measurements and more. Many Baseline instruments are manufactured in the USA and carry the CE mark for sale outside the USA.

Below is a listing of some Baseline products. Select a category link to learn more.

  • Baseline hydraulic hand dynamometers – objective strength evaluators including hand Dynamometer, Pinch gauges, push-pull dynamometers, wrist dynamometers and more.
  • Baseline goniometers – metal and plastic models measure range-of-motion of finger through large joints. Featuring the patent pending Absolute Axis attachment and the Xtender Extendable goniometer.
  • Baseline inclinometers – including the Bubble and adjustable Acu-angle models.
  • Baseline alignment measurement – including scoliosis screening.

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