Crane Scales & Dynamometers

Johnson Scale Co. “The overhead weighing experts” We have over 100 years of experience in selling and servicing Dillon, MSI, Intercomp, Chatillon, and CAS industrial crane scales, as well as wireless dynamometers, load monitoring instrumentation and RF wireless data acquisition. Our overhead weighing products are used throughout the world in virtually every industry, including aerospace, agriculture, petrochemical, utility, transportation, marine, aluminum, forestry, iron and steel, and nuclear.

What’s the difference?

A Tension Dynamometer displays the tension force exerted between the two attached shackles. Originally invented in 1936 and still in use today. It is generally used to determine the tension in a line or suspended weight. Current tension dynamometer models include simple, easy to use mechanical models, battery-operated digital models, and wireless dynamometer versions that let you combine up to 16 individual readings on one handheld controller.

A crane scale is a dynamometer outfitted with equipment appropriate for suspended weighing, such as large openings in the shackles, or non-swivel, swivel, or bearing swivel hook on the bottom.

A Tension meter is simply a lever-operated job-specific tension dynamometer that quickly measures tension in overhead wires, guy wires, cable guardrails, etc.

Force control switches and load monitoring devices provide switch outputs that change state (open/close) at specific forces. Generally, they require no power to operate and are connected to a variety of devices such as relays, lights, alarms, or to the motor controller to stop crane movement. A force control switch may have multiple switches as needed for triggering at several loads The switch settings are usually set at the factory to the specific load(s) desired by the customer. Force control switches are available as in-line or clamp-on versions.

Typical use includes:

  • Measuring tension in guy wires
  • Measuring tension in elevator cables
  • Fuel rod changes
  • Aviation and naval
  • Measure tension on line cords
  • Oil and gas industry

Please Note: Many of our competitors still advertise the older Edjr dynamometer and AP EXtremes. Please be aware that any models starting with 36190 or are designated APxtreme are old stock and were discontinued a few years ago.

Each and every wireless Dynamometer we sell includes a NIST traceable calibration certificate unless otherwise noted. Additionally, our ISO 9001:2008 system will send you a reminder when your instrument is due for annual calibration.

When it comes to overhead weighing our customer’s safety is our number one concern. Please DO NOT use products that cut corners and are not overhead safety qualified. Please call us with any questions.

Our knowledgeable sales representatives are ready to answer your questions about product specifications, features, performance, and benefits. Whether it is a new purchase, repair, or NIST traceable calibration, Our goal is that prompt order delivery, quick turnaround, and easy access to technical support is always within reach.