A & D Weighing

A&D Weighing

Since its founding in 1977, A & D Weighing has grown into the third largest manufacturer of balances, with 20% of the market share. Additionally, they are also one of the fasting growing companies in the field of industrial scales, indicators, controllers, and non-destructive testing devices.

A & D Weighing is a global corporation with distribution, sales and marketing around the world, including wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, Australia, Korea and Japan. The company also manufacturers in Japan, Korea, China and Australia. A & D Engineering, operating as A & D Weighing is located in Milpitas, CA and has the responsibility of the western hemisphere.

On average about 25% of the companies personnel are continuously involved in research and development, which means that A & D products frequently lead the competition in terms of technical development and features that offer the lowest life cost. In quality, A & D products are second to none.

Since A & D products use the latest technology, they require the fewest parts, resulting in greater reliability and superior price value when compared to others.

A & D balances are backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty, and most scales and indicators are backed by a 24 month warranty.

A & D products are……………………..Clearly a Better Value.