Torque Gauges and Stands

Johnson Scale Co. “The torque gauge experts” We have over 100 years of experience as one of the leading suppliers and repair centers for Mark-10, the Chatillon digital torque gauge and test stand suitable for use in medical, pharmaceutical, packaging, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, and food, and beverage applications. We offer a comprehensive range of different models of our digital torque gauge and test stands, as well as torque testing software, grips, and fixtures. Whether it’s catheter torque, closure torque, rotary dial torque, torque tool calibration, fastener torque testing, torque tool testing, or bottle cap torque testing,

Manual or Test Stand?

  • Manually operated torque testers offer clockwise and counterclockwise testing at a economical, simple to use price.
  • Test stands eliminate much of the variability inherent in handheld testing with a torque gauge. The test stand also eliminates repetitive motion for the operator and are more productive when testing multiple samples
  • Motorized test stands further improve upon manual test stands by also increasing the efficiency of the testing and offering advanced data collection such as angle detection (model dependent)

Regardless of your application, our complete offering of interchangeable “plug and test” torque sensors and controllers allow you to change sensors depending upon your requirements without additional calibration as the calibration data and configuration is stored in the “smart connector” of the sensor.

Types of sensors available:

  • Universal torque sensors with a fixed chuck for a wide variety of applications. Sensors can be used as handheld devices or mounted to a test stand.
  • Universal torque sensors with an interchangeable chuck for testing applications with several different sample sizes.
  • Wrench extension sensors convert any wrench to a torque tool or use it as part of a torque testing system
  • Static torque sensors are used to calibrate torque tools or can be used as part of a torque testing system
  • Closure torque sensors are ideal for testing bottle caps, valves, closures, and fasteners.
  • Torque tool testers present a simple, accurate solution for testing electric torque screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools in a production environment.

All of our gauges are precalibrated and include a NIST traceable calibration certificate. Our ISO 9001:2008 calibration system will also send you a reminder when your instrument is due for calibration.

Our Torque controllers features:

  • High-speed sampling rate for best accuracy
  • USB, RS23, and Mitutoyo outputs
  • 1000 point memory with statistics (some models)
  • Plug and Test technology for interchangeable sensors (some models)

Our knowledgeable sales representatives are ready to answer your questions about product specifications, features, performance, and benefits. Whether it is a new purchase, repair, or NIST traceable calibration, Our goal is that prompt order delivery, quick turnaround, and easy access to technical support is always within reach.