Open Air Shakers

Open Air Shakers

Our lab equipment includes five (5) types of Vortex Open Air Shakers to meet your requirements in Life Science applications such as:

Light Duty Orbital Shakers

The variable speed, microprocessor control provides consistent, uniform shaking action. The microprocessor displays the last setpoint and will restart if power is interrupted (on digital orbital shaker models).

  • Triple eccentric drive with permanently lubricated ball bearings and maintenance-free, brushless DC motor provide reliable service and continuous duty operation
  • Units slowly increase speed to desired setpoint to avoid splashing. Digital orbital mixer models feature overload protection – audible & visual signals activate when system detects an obstruction or tray overload in the orbital mixer.

Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers

With load capacities from 35 to 150 lb and over 70 accessory options, OHAUS Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers are designed to handle a range of applications. Available as analog or digital models with microprocessor control to provide variable speed and consistent shaking, while ramping to the set speed. Microprocessor displays the last set-point and will restart if power is interrupted. Built-in tray and non-slip rubber mat included with all models.

Extreme Environment Shakers

Ideal for applications that require CO2 and humidity for optimal cell growth, our Extreme Environment Orbital Mixers are designed for use in extreme environments such as CO2 incubators. A remote controller (that magnetically attaches to the outside of most incubators) allows for external control of settings, and the shaker base is placed inside of the incubator. Microprocessor control ensures consistent shaking while safely ramping to the set speed.

Rocking & Waving Shakers

OHAUS Rocking and Waving Shakers are designed for use in a range of lab applications in a variety of environmental conditions. Rocking Shakers provide a seesaw-like motion, while Waving Shakers offer a smooth, low-foaming, 3D wave motion for precise speed control. Available in microprocessor-controlled digital models and more economical analog models. All models include a non-slip mat, and most models are available with a stacking tray option.

Reciprocating Shakers

OHAUS Reciprocating Shakers are designed for a range of applications including cell cultures and extraction procedures that require accurate, repeatable results. Our shakers are microprocessor-controlled to provide consistent, uniform shaking action. The back-and-forth reciprocating motion has a 19 mm stroke length. Permanently lubricated ball bearings & maintenance-free, brushless DC motor provide reliable service and continuous duty operation. Touchpad controls with independent LED’s for speed/time allow operator to view all settings at once. Timer displays elapsed time or when programmed to a set time, will turn off when time reaches zero.