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Airline Baggage & Freight Scales

If you’re looking for airline baggage and freight scales…’ve come to the right place.
Busy airports need to weigh baggage quickly and accurately without compromising customer service. Airline baggage and freight scales are easy to use and feature large, easy to read operator and customer displays to avoid confusion.

Our range of baggage weighing scales is designed to fit into new or existing baggage systems, either as stand-alone scales or as part of a baggage handling conveyor system. Our self-service bench scales or floor scales allow passengers to adjust weight themselves prior to check in, helping to maintain efficiency and customer service levels.

Our close proximity to 3 major airports has provided us with a unique insight into airline baggage scale and freight scale requirements. Our product line of Doran, Pennsylvania and Weightronix airline baggage, curbside and freight scales are ideal in the demanding environment of airports and air forwarders. Architects and designers have come to appreciate our responsive customer service and simplistic, yet durable products. Due to the increased emphasis on baggage weighing for not only weight and balance purposes but charging for excess baggage weight, there is a renewed concern by the FAA and local Weights and Measures officials for approved scales.

NTEP approved legal for trade modesl are designed to reliably perform in the extremes of the airport environment where scales are constantly subjected to overloading, shock and electrostatic discharge. Custom base sizes for standard height and low profile design are available upon request. If you are designing a check-in area drawings are also available.

Our knowledgeable sales representatives are ready to answer your questions about product specifications, features, performance and benefits. Whether it’s a new purchase, repair or ISO9001:2008 calibration, our goal is that prompt order delivery, quick turnaround, and easy access to technical support is always within reach.