Hazardous Area Weighing

The equipment contained within this Explosive Environment section requires greater attention to specification and installation guidelines. Improper specification, installation or service of these products can result in loss of equipment or serious injury. Below are some definitions and examples of Explosion proof and Intrinsically safe systems. What is an explosion-proof indicator? It’s simply a digital weight indicator enclosed in a special case. The purpose of an explosion-proof indicator is not, as the name suggests, to protect the indicator. Instead, the case prevents any explosion WITHIN the case from causing subsequent fire or explosion in the surrounding atmosphere. For example, in a grain elevator application, combustible dusts (Class II hazardous atmosphere) may be present. A spark in a non-explosion proof indicator could ignite an elevator-wide explosion. However, with an explosion-proof indicator, the spark (or even an explosion) is contained within the case. The hazardous atmosphere cannot be ignited, and the elevator is protected. Intrinsically safe load cells and safety barriers take the explosion proof principle a step further. Intrinsic safety ensures that the indicator’s electrical wiring and components are, by design, incapable of releasing enough energy to ignite flammable or combustible atmospheric mixtures in their most easily ignitable concentrations. In short, an intrinsically safe device eliminates the conditions for an explosion, no matter what the circumstances.

Hazardous atmospheres are divided into three general classes and two divisions:

CLASS I: Flammable Gases or Vapors
CLASS II: Combustible Dusts
CLASS III: Ignitable Fibers or Flyings

DIVISION 1: Hazard exists under normal conditions.
DIVISION 2: Hazardous material is handled, processed or stored. Hazard is not normally present, but may be released due to accident or equipment malfunction.

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