Cannabis Scales and Instrumentation

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Johnson Scale Company offers a complete line of legal for trade for trade balances, scales and laboratory products for the Cannabis, dispensary and botanical markets.

Emerging quality standards require legitimate processing and documentation practices and our product offering satisfies the regulations and practices to ensure the compliance standards adopted by the Cannabis industry.

Retail Shops and Dispensaries

One of the many requirements to sell Cannabis in dispensaries is a legal for trade or NTEP approved scale. These scales typically have an accuracy of 0.01g or better. Most have USB and RS232 outputs and we also offer others that include an underhook which can weigh the whole plant in order to improve inventory control and meet any government regulations which can vary from state to state.

Cultivation and Harvesting

Processing facilities are where harvested cannabis plant materials are turned into other products for sale. Oils and terpenes are extracted and packaged for resale or used in other consumable products such as infused products or edibles.

Scales used during this process also include legal for trade balances and bench scales.

Processing and Extracting

Inventory Management and profitability start at the growing facility. Because of this we offer a complete line of legal for trade and non-legal for trade floor, and portable scales to accurately capture weights during the harvesting, loading and packing process.

Laboratory & Pharmacy

In order to satisfy the requirements for selling cannabis derivatives, edibles and topicals by weight, we also offer high quality balances, moisture balances and laboratory equipment with data connectivity capabilities for labelling, and tracking via USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and RS232.

From start to finish accurate measurement is critical throughout your entire production. You need results that you can trust- you can’t afford any errors. Johnson Scale Company has the expertise and experience to assist you in providing accurate, reliable, affordable equipment to help grow your profits.