Rent From the Original

During WWII, with materials of all types in short supply, Johnson Scale Company pioneered the idea of renting scales for inventories. During the war, our founder pioneered a system that enabled Johnson Scale to meet the needs of our customers and lend scales to other organizations.

It’s that type of dedication and innovation that still drives our company today. Amazingly, some of our original customers from long ago are still our rental customers today.


We offer weekly, monthly, and yearly rentals. Our large rental inventory ensures quick shipments or delivery locally and throughout the United States.

Types of rentals include:

  • Analytical and Top Loader balances
  • Counting scales
  • Platform scales
  • Axle Scales
  • Crane scales and Dynamometers
  • Tension Meters

Peace of Mind

When you rent scales from Johnson Scale you can rest assured that the scales have all undergone our rigorous inspection and calibration process (ISO9001:2015) before shipment or delivery. Additionally, all scales are supplied with easy-to-use instructions. For local deliveries, a trained technician will assist you in the setup and operation of the scale. Additionally, should a failure occur for any reason, we are available to provide technical assistance or a replacement if necessary.

Not sure? Contact one of our experienced sales representatives at 800-572-2531 or email us at We can assist you in choosing the correct scale for your application – trust us, we’ve been doing this for over 100 years.