Bin, Tank & Hopper

If you’re looking for Bin, Tank & Hopper scales…. you’ve come to the right place.

Our comprehensive range of load cells,and load sensing devices include analog, digital and hydraulic and are suitable for many types of weighing equipment- from vessel weighers to intrinsically safe systems. Our Bin,Tank & Hopper category features a small sampling of some of our more popular systems and instrumentation. We are able to offer the indicator only, load cells only or the complete mounting kit which includes the load cells, instrumentation, cables and mounting modules. Since each system is unique to the application we do not display pricing in this category. Please contact a sales representative to review your project.

The two most common type of weigh modules available are

Suspended Weighing- Suspended weigh modules support load cells that are hung vertically and measure through tension, such as suspended hoppers. Available in stainless or mild steel.

Vessel Weighing-Available in either stainless or mild steel, these load cells are placed under the support mechanisms of weighing tanks, vessels or other fixed containers.

Choosing the correct components for your Bin, Tank & Hopper weighing system involves factors such as working environment and loading conditions. Such conditions can lead to weighing errors or load cell damage if the the load cell is incorrectly specified. Below we have listed some considerations when deciding what components are best suited for your application:

  • Will the area be extremely dusty
  • Will the system be subject to high vibration
  • will the system be subject to high torque forces from the equipments motor
  • Will your wash down method expose the load cell to excessive moisture or liquied such as high pressure wash down.
  • How will you control the filling and dispensing of the ingredients.

These are just some of the variables that must be reviewed when choosing a Bin,Tank or Hopper system.

Our knowledgeable sales representatives are readty to answer your questions about product specifications, performance, and benefits. Whether it a new purchase, repair, NIST traceable calibration , our goal is that prompt order delivery, quick turnaround and easy access to technical support is always within reach.