Counting Scales

Ohaus RC31P6 Counting scale

Johnson Scale Company, the digital counting scale experts. Our 100 years of experience providing rental scales for inventories has given us the experience required to properly recommend the proper scale for counting . Our on-line store offers only the best parts for any digital counting scale available today. Most models are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Scales that count vary in price capacity and performance. It is best to determine the maximum capacity required, and the minimum average piece weight (lightest sample to be counted) before making a choice. Other factors are also to be considered, such as do we need to enter ID numbers, store piece weights, print labels, etc. . Each one of our piece weight digital counting scale products offer a detailed list of their functions. It is best not to purchase a piece weight  scale based on price only. Many low cost, off name counting scales simply cannot accurately and repetitively count parts. What you may save initially you will probably lose in lost inventory many times over by using the wrong digital counting scale for your application. Value is something everyone wants. Don’t waste money on a digital counting scale that doesn’t measure up.

Counting scales can contribute towards substantial reduction of costs of goods in the following areas:

  • Reduction of inventory losses: Reduction in the sources of error will allow receivables verification and distribution of parts from the stockroom to be more accurate
  • Reduction in stocking levels: By attaining accuracies on an IRA Basis, inventories can be reduced without increasing the risks of stock outs.
  • Increasing distribution accuracy: Controlling operational usage and minimizing the “sources of error” will increase pick accuracy. This will help minimize the costly correction processes when picks are not right.
  • Reduction in distributin labor costs: By eliminating repetitive sampling processes, labor is normally reduced by approximately 30-50%.

Sources of error:

  • Scale error factors: All scales perform based on the weight of the sample. The sample weight dictates the signal strength from the load sensor. The strength of the signal will determine the consistency and accuracy of the average piece weight.
  • Parts error factors: As the parts do not weigh exactly the same, it is necessary to attain an average of the piece weights. Controlling parts errors revolve around the size of the sample.
  • Operator error factors: Most operator errors occur in 2 areas; the first being the ability of the operator to count out the sample accurately on a repetitive basis, and, second, the operator’s decisions on how to use the scale. (sample size). Controlling operator error revolves around automating the counting process through the use of bar coding or software.
  • Environmental factors: During the sampling process there is a window of acceptance where the scale determines that the load is stable enough to accept the weight as an accurate representation of the sample. This stable reading may not be accurate as your requirements dictate due to the effect of wind and vibration.

What is average piece weight or APW?

  • Average piece weight or APW: An APW or average piece weight is the average weight of each part counted. A digital counting scale operates by taking the net weight of the pieces to be counted in dividing by the APW to arrive at a parts count. Typically with counting scales, a small quantity of parts must first be hand counted or “sampled” on the scale to determine the APW.
  • Minimum APW: The minimum APW is arrived at by dividing the scale capacity by the internal resolution of the scale (normally found on the product brochure). This is usually a conservative figure that will help you determine the lightest part you scale can accurately count.

If you are not sure how much your parts weigh or just need confirmation on the best scale for your application please give us a call or send the parts to us, we’ll check them out for you absolutely FREE!

Whether it is a new purchase, repair or NIST traceable calibration, our goal is that prompt order delivery, quick turnaround, and easy access to technical support is always within reach.