Analytical & Semi-micro Lab Balances

Our unique location in northern New Jersey situated amongst many of the leading Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical, chemical, and food companies have given us a unique perspective on lab balance applications. Whether it is semi-micro, analytical balance, micro balance, top loaders, portable or moisture balances, we are recognized both locally and nationally as one of the premier suppliers and service centers for our quality lab balance from major manufacturers such as Sartorius, Ohaus, A & D Weighing and Setra.

Lab balance from a general standpoint measures the mass of an object. In the laboratory, a micro balance is used to measure solids, liquids, tissue, etc. a microbalance has a wide range of uses in virtually any laboratory including research and development, clinical, and even production environments.

Types of our lab balance that we offer

Types of lab balances we offer

  • Analytical Balance & Semi-micro Balance: The Analytical balance is ideal for weighing to the highest degree of precision and accuracy usually up to 4 decimal places. Semi-micro balances are typically used to weigh very small samples to a resolution of up to 5 decimal places. Both types come with a glass windshield or breeze break to achieve the highest precision results.
  • Top loaders & Portable: Top loaders also known as precision balances are well suited for practically any application. A typical resolution is from one to three decimal places, and lower capacity models may also include a breeze break. Portable balances offer the convenience of small size and mobility.
  • Moisture Balances: Through drying, moisture balances or analyzers measure the moisture content of a given sample.
  • Micro & Ultra Micro Balances: Micro and Ultra Micro balances are used to weigh extremely small samples of up to 7 decimal places. Due to their extreme sensitivity, we do not offer them on our online store. Please contact us for more information.

In closing, The crucial requirement to fulfill when purchasing a balance is to meet the accuracy requirements of the laboratory. After that, it is up to the user to decide what other factors are important, such as built-in applications, protection against external influences, corrosion protection, user safety, cross-contamination risk, balance longevity, spare parts warranty, and service. Perspective buyers on a budget may choose to compromise in certain areas, but the price/performance ratio and the return-on-investment should also be considered. Our knowledgeable sales representatives are ready to answer your questions about product specifications, features, performance, and benefits. Whether it is a new purchase, repair, or ISO9001:2008 calibration, our goal is that prompt order delivery, quick turnaround, and easy access to technical support is always within reach.

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