Scale and Force Calibration

Johnson Scale technician, Randy Wiseman, calibrates a customer’s force gauge in our ISO9001 lab in Pine Brook, NJ.

Quality Service & Calibration on Scales, Balances and Force & Torque Gauges

With over a century of experience in our industry, we take pride in the reputation we have built through our commitment to quality of product and customer service. Currently we perform calibration and service on scales, balances, weights, force and torque gauges, bottle cap torque testers and tension and compression machines.

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Johnson Scale, an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, has been selling and servicing Weighing equipment and Force Measurement products for over 100 years. Our scope of our services applies to force & torque gauges, dynamometers, material testing machines, crane scale, laboratory balances, moisture balances, truck scales, floor scales, bench and counting scales.

In order to minimize sudden equipment failure and to keep equipment performing to its utmost efficiency and respective tolerance, Johnson Scale also offers regularly scheduled maintenance and inspection programs tailored to our customer’s calibration requirements. This includes force calibration and force gauge calibration.

Our State licensed and factory trained technicians pride themselves on both their technical competence and responsiveness.  All equipment is calibrated and tested with NIST traceable certified weights.


As an OHAUS Regional Service Center (RSC) we are your source for professional, quality service on  OHAUS balances and scales. As an Ohaus Regional Service Center (RSC) we can extend the capabilities of OHAUS factory-level service out to the field to provide strategic geographic coverage throughout the U.S. Benefiting customers such as you with increased turnaround time, expert technical support, training, and quality system documentation.

As an OHAUS Regional Service Center we offer:

  • Expert repair and support for OHAUS weighing products
  • Warranty and non-warranty repair of all OHAUS products by factory-trained technicians  using original equipment replacement parts
  • An economical means of obtaining fast service throughout the United States
  • Preventative maintenance, and calibration service, (certified and traceable)
  • Field service (location dependent)
  • Factory replacement parts and accessories.


As a distributor for multiple product lines we are uniquely positioned to provide calibration, repair services and replacement parts on not only our primary brands but other brands as well. This includes force calibration and force gauge calibration. We have a fully equipped climate-controlled calibration laboratory and are capable of providing quick turnarounds. All calibrated gauges, lab balances and scales include a NIST-traceable (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certificate.

Certificates include all pertinent product information as well as multiple data points in each direction where applicable (tension/compression or clockwise / counter-clockwise). “As found” and “As corrected” data is also included.  Additionally, we can also offer field calibration for the gauges as well (location dependent)


Our Factory trained and state-licensed technicians can do force calibration repair for most major brands at your facility. All work is performed using certified test weights and in compliance with ISO9001:2015 accreditation as well as local and national standards. As part of our standard operating procedure, we clean and inspect the equipment then test and calibrate as required. All before and after readings are documented. Types of services include:

  • Periodic Calibration Agreements
  • Emergency Service
  • Installation and Commisioning
  • IQOQ Validation Services


In addition to our standard calibration offerings we can also provide calibration on the following types of instrumentation:

  • Micrometers and Calipers
  • Gauge Blocks
  • Pressure and Vacuum gauges and Transducers
  • Volt, Amp and Ohm meters
  • Flow Meters
  • Thermometers
  • Pipettes, Viscosity and ph Meters
  • Stop Watches
  • Calibration Weights


Johnson Scale Company wants to be your premier calibration service provider, specializing in force, torque, dynamometer, and laboratory balances. Let us handle your force calibration, force gauge calibration and force calibration repair needs! With over 100 years of service history, you can count on us to exceed your calibration and force calibration repair program requirements. Our comprehensive gauge calibration capabilities were designed to complement our weighing device calibration programs and to ensure we meet the diverse calibration needs of our customers while still maintaining the high-quality service and responsiveness you have come to expect from Johnson Scale Co.