About Us

Johnson Scale Company, Inc has been a leading provider of quality weighing, force, torque and material testing systems since 1897. Our goal has been and always will be to service our customers beyond their expectations and requirements.

You will find a company with uncommon attention to detail, and customer service that truly cares and reacts to your requirements. Whether you are testing medical devices, consumer products, line tension, moisture content, counting small parts , weighing trucks, or you require us to set-up a full Preventive Maintenance schedule, Johnson Scale Company has the knowledge and expertise to push your organization into the next level. From weighing device calibration to systems applications, we can assist you in finding the best possible value while still meeting your requirements.

A Wide Range of Products and Services Sets Johnson Scale Apart

Johnson Scale Company supplies laboratory weighing equipment, such as analytical balances, centrifuges, shakers, vortex mixers, along with Force and Torque measurement equipment such as bottle cap torque testers, packaging testers, wire testers, and ergonomic testing devices. Additionally, we also offer such industrial manufacturing weighing equipment, such as heavy capacity floor scales, crane scales, dynamometers, truck scales and counting scales. Our N.I.S.T. traceable calibrations are performed as per documented work instructions and operating procedures. We have the procedures, personnel, training and controls to ensure that your industrial scales, laboratory balances, force and torque gauges, and dynamometers are calibrated in accordance with national and international calibration standards.

Over the years, Johnson Scale Company has continually developed a competent quality management system to better satisfy the needs of our customers and to improve the management of the company. The quality system is ISO9001:2015 registered. The scope of the quality system covers the sale, service, and installation of weighing equipment, as well as the calibration and certification of force and torque gauges

Johnson Scale Company Inc.