Grips and Attachments

Grips and attachments are integral components of testing systems, designed for a wide range of tension, compression and torque applications. These grips and attachments are able to mount to Mark-10, Chatillon, and Dillon force gauges, torque gauges, sensors and test stands. Additionally, couplers and eye end adapters may be used with some gauges and sensors. Due to the commonality of thread sizes most of the gripping fixtures and attachments on our site are interchangeable between brands. Our website contains over 50 of the most common used gripping fixtures such as:

  • Wire terminal grip
  • Bottle cap grip
  • Pneumatic grip
  • Dual roller grips
  • Vice grip
  • Lipstick grip
  • Syringe grip
  • Film and paper grips
  • 90 degree peel fixtures
  • Compression plates
  • Tensile grips
  • Wedge grips

If you do not see the type of grip that you may need please contact us as we offer hundreds of unique specialty grips for virtually every application imaginable such as:

  •  3 point bend fixture
  • Bollard grips
  • Foam compression plates
  • Webbing, strapping and ribbon grips

In many testing applications, the gripping fixture is often overlooked or even completely forgotten until the purchase is made or the system is delivered. However, the gripping fixture is a key component of the overall testing system as a improperly held sample or incorrect gripping fixture may skew results or present safety issues as well.  Here at Johnson Scale Company, we have tested everything from wires to dentures to pulling medical tape off of Guatemalan pigs.

Our knowledgable sales representatives are ready to answer your questions about concerning what gripping fixture is most suitable for your application. Feel free to click on one of the products below for more infomation.