Mark-10 G1109 ASTM D6862 / D3330 / D903 90° Peel Test Fixture

This fixture is designed for peel testing of tapes, films, foil seals, and other materials. A large, flat working table moves horizontally as the test stand’s crosshead moves up via direct cable linkage.

An optional adjustable-angle mount tilts the fixture up to ±30°. Another optional adapter uses an adjustable pulley to set the angle of pull, from 0° to 90°, while the working table remains horizontal. The horizontal orientation is suited for seal testing of filled containers, and can also be used for tapes and other materials.

An integrated limit switch automatically stops the motion of an ESM303 motorized test stand when the working table has reached its end of travel.


  • Maximum force: 100 lbF (500 N)
  • Maintains 90° angle between the table and the direction of pull
  • Optional adjustable angle mount tilts the fixture up to ±30°.
  • Optional adjustable angle adapter with pulley, 0° to 90°, while preserving horizontal table orientation (max. force: 30 lbF [150 N])
  • Large working area with threaded mounting holes
  • Maximum table travel: 8.2 in (210 mm)
  • Weight (G1109 only): 6.0 lb (2.7 kg)
  • Compatible with the ESM303 Motorized test stand. Includes mounting hardware.
  • Compatible only with force gauges, not remote load cells
  • Conforms to ASTM D6862, D3330, and D903

G1109 Peel Fixture:
AC1078 Optional Adjustable Angle Fixture:

AC1079 Optional Adjustable Angle Fixture:

The G1109 peel test fixture is shipped as shown at left, and includes the following:

(1) G1109 fixture
(1) Limit switch cable
(1) Crosshead bracket
(1) G1078 miniature bollard grip
(1) Test stand mounting adapter
(1) Mounting hardware

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