Postal & Shipping Bench Scales

Postal, mail and shipping centers rely on efficient and reliable data to ensure peak performance. Whether it’s speed or accuracy required by the local post office, or robust but precise solutions required by a large distribution center, Johnson Scale Co. has an outstanding solution of postal & shipping bench scales by some of the most reknowned manufacturer’s such as NCI, Pennsylvania and Salter. Even if you operate a small business, retail packaging store or a commerical shipping company, many of our products are easily integratable into third party point of sale software such as UPS Worldship. many of our postal & shipping bench scales are also offered with the option of a ball top shroud for easy movement over the scale, making them ideal for integration into a conveyor system which can also increase throughput and reduce repetitive lifting.

Types of Scales

  • Postal Scales – Most commonly found as part of a mail /post office counter or back office, combination letter and parcel scales interface easily with existing shipping, mailing and inventory systems for efficient and accurate processing. Postal scales can also be integrated into self-service kiosks partnered with third party software for time saving when customers post letters/parcels or purchase stamps.
  • Shipping Scales– Ideally suited for general weighing of smaller packagings, ideal for basic weighing. They are available in an extensive range of sizes, capacities and finishes designed with a small footprint to maximize work space. When it comes to shipping parcels, the ability to correctly charge by weight, capture data and integrate with existing systems can all contribute to profitability.

Regardless of the application, correct weighing practices-including selecting the appropriate postal or shipping scales can increase revenue exponentially. Integrating weighing into postal, mailing or shipping operations improves shipping and pricing accuracy and enhances overall workflow productivity.

Our knowledgeable sales representatives are ready to answer your questions about product specifications, features and performance and benefits. Whether it’s a new purchase, repair or ISO9001:2008 calibration, our goal is that prompt delivery, quick turnaround, and easy access to technical support is always within reach.