Truck, Railroad & Vehicle

Johnson Scale Company offers complete construction,retrofit,new installation and calibration services all tailored to fit your requirements. Trained certified state licensed service technicians and sales staff are available to provide sales and service support on traditional strain gauge truck scales or hydraulic truck scales systems. On-site computer programmers can assist you with standard or customized software requirements. Our certified weigh truck and service fleet ensures timely repairs on-site for most major brands.

Your truck scale is your cash register for your business, so having an accurate and dependable truck scale is essential. A truck, Railroad & Vehicle scale is a considerable investment that, with reasonable care and scheduled maintenance should easily provide up to 25 years of service. However, there are a variety of low cost suppliers in the truck scale market today and to many buyers, the initial purchase price may be the only difference. That is why we offer only the best Made in the USA truck scales from long standing valued companies such as Weigh-Tronix, Cardinal and Rice Lake Weighing.


  • Above ground or pit
  • Concrete or steel deck
  • Permanent or portable
  • Guide rails and posts
  • Standard analog or Hydraulic load cells
  • Deep pier, slab or pit foundation
  • Lightning and transient protection
  • Tickets and reports
  • Remote displays, automatic ticketing kiosks, etc.

Suppliers promising a great bargain are able to do so only because they cut corners at some stage of the process: be it design,materials, finish, foundation construction, installation or all of the above. The eventual failure of a lower quality truck, railroad or vehicle scale could mean a higher cost of ownership and increased downtime and lost revenue. Our knowledgeable sales representatives are qualified to  review your application albeit a pit scale, above ground, standard or hydraulic and make the proper recommendation that fits both your budget and application.

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