Intercomp LS630-WIM Portable Weigh-in-Motion Scales

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Portable Weigh-in-Motion Scale

Intercomp LS630-WIM Portable Weigh-In-Motion Scales provide authorities the ability to quickly monitor, screen or issue citations in areas not served by permanent weigh stations. The RFX Wireless communication between scales and optional indicators allows for quick setup and easy operation. Data is collected from either the durable PT20 WIM CPU with printer or a PC using Intercomp WIM software. Wireless communication is standard on both devices while cables can be used for backup purposes. Either configuration consists of just two scales, four roll-up ramps/levelers and the CPU or PC. This provides authorities with a fast, efficient and cost effective solution to protect roadways and concentrate enforcement almost anywhere you need it.

System Includes:

Two Low profile weigh-in-motion scales
Four roll up ramps/levelers
Intercomp WIM PC software or PT20 CPU


IP67 Protection
Capacity of 30,000LBS per platform
150% Overload Protection
Scales machined from Aerospace grade aluminum for durability

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