Ohaus SHLD0415AL Light Duty Orbital Shaker

Light Duty Orbital Shakers

• Designed for flexibility with your applications – OHAUS Light Duty Shakers include the ready-to-use tray and mat, or remove the mat and customize the tray with over 20 easy-to-install accessories.

• Well-performing economical choice for your everyday laboratory shaking needs. Non-digital model offers reliable shaking across the entire speed range with the robust triple eccentric drive design.

• Microplate shaker is designed to securely hold up to four microplates or deepwell plates, or easily install two microtube racks. Units slowly increase speed to desired setpoint to avoid splashing.

The OHAUS Light Duty Analog Shaker is an economical shaker designed for educational labs or basic
shaking applications.

Operating Features:

Low Profile Design – Takes up less space and easily fits into most hoods and incubators.

Microprocessor Control – The variable speed microprocessor control provides consistent uniform shaking action.

Triple Eccentric Drive – Permanently lubricated ball bearings and maintenance free, brushless DC motor provide reliable service and continuous duty operation.

Adjustment Knob – Basic speed knob with dial settings from 1 to 10.

Safety Features:

Speed Ramping Feature – Slowly increases speed to desired set-point to avoid splashing.

Spill-Resistant Design – Channels fluids away from internal components.

Operating Conditions:

Unit can be run in cold rooms, incubators, and CO2 environments from 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F), maximum 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.


Blotting techniques, staining/destaining, and general shaking procedures.

Ordering Information:

Units include a detachable, 3-wire cord and plug. Units are also supplied with an 11.75 × 8.75″ (29.9 × 22.2 cm) non-skid rubber mat.

Ohaus SHLD0415AL Light Duty Orbital Shaker