Chatillon TCM series Motorized Test Stands

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The motorized TCM Series from Chatillon offers fast and effective force testing at an affordable price.

The TCM Series features a high frame stiffness, light weight bench top design suitable for both production and laboratory environments

Force ranges of 100 lbf (500 N) and 350 lbf (1500 N) are available in both 16 in (406 mm) and extended 32 in (812 mm) travel versions.

Select from Chatillon’s wide range of grips and fixtures to use the TCM Series for a wide variety of tests such as:

•Insertion and extraction


•Easy Operation
A single key press to start the test and a return to zero function saves time. A high maximum speed of 40 in/min (1016 mm/min) further reduces cycle time.

• Smart Functionalities

The large touch sensitive buttons feature haptic feedback that reduces the time taken to configure and run a test while reducing operator errors. Tests can be configured to pull to a set position or cycle between 2 positions. When combined with specific Chatillon force gauges, additional features such as driving to a load limit and recording break forces become available.

•Accurate Test Results

Combined with the Chatillon DF II Series force gauges the load accuracy exceeds 0.1% full scale. Advanced electronics enable set speed accuracy of < 0.1% of set speed value and data sampling rates up to 10 KHz.

•Large Working Area –

Small Footprint The compact TCM features a large throat depth enabling samples up to 7.96 in (200 mm) diameter to be tested, yet retains a compact footprint.
• Data Analysis and Integrity Optional Chatillon ForceTest software allows viewing data in graphical form, data logging, result calculations, pdf report creation and data export. Download your free trial version now at

Base Solution
The TCM Series can be used in combination with Chatillon DFE or DFS Series force gauges. This way, if you already have a Chatillon force gauge available, you only need to aquire the TCM Series test stand to get started on your force testing, enjoying all of the benefits that the TC Series has to offer:
•Easy operation
•Haptic feedback buttons
•LED color display
•Set position or cycle between 2 positions

Extra Benefits
By adding a digital force gauge from the Chatillon DFE or DFS Series to your TCM Series test stand, additional features will become available enabling you to perform a more advanced, fast and easy force testing on your specimens
•Drive to load limit
•Password protection
•Pass/Fail limits
•Average load
•Peak break force
•Contact close feature
•Access to ForceTest PC software

Fast and Easy Analysis
Adding the Chatillon ForceTest software will power up your TCM Series force testing solution and will turn your analysis into a fast and simple process. By combining the DFE or DFS Series gauge and the ForceTest software with the TCM Series you obtain
•Seamless serial data communication from the test machine to your computer
•Save test setup and achieve faster workflow
•Export data as CSV or PDF
•Time and date stamped data
•Live data view during tests

The motorized TCM Series force testers feature a small footprint while retaining ample clearance for large samples. With an ideal 100 mm (3.9 in) throat clearance, testing of large samples is no longer a limitation. The universal adapter plate with International threads sizes to ASM and Metric threads sizes provide flexibility for installing custom and standard fixtures.

The force testers are equipped with tactile buttons with haptic feedback that has no moving parts or membranes. This maximizes durability, especially in production environments, and ensures that the buttons can be easily cleaned. The haptic feedback offers a vibration to alert the user that the command has been received. The TCM Series force testers may also be operated with an optional footswitch controller.

A bright LED digital display indicates the travel speed and other text messages for the user to continuously monitor the status of the TCM tester. A high rate return speed is built into the TCM force testers to maximize production throughput. Adjustable Upper and Lower mechanical limit switches are integrated for safety and are used for different modes of operation as Cycling and Return To Zero.

With a small foot print, Cycle and Auto Return Modes, Universal Auto Switching A/C input and durable tactile buttons with haptic feedback, the TCM Series is ideal for your testing needs.

The motorized TCM Series force testers are available in two versions; the TCM100 with a force capacity of up to 100 lbf (500 N), and the TCM350 with capacity up to 350 lbf (1500 N).

Both force testers feature a standard crosshead travel of 406 mm (16 in) and are available in extended editions with a crosshead travel of 812 mm (32 in). A throat depth at a full 100 mm (3.9 in) enables the operator to perform force tests including tension, compression, bending, peeling, adhesion, insertion and extraction on samples up to 200 mm (7.8 in). This leaves the operator with a wide variety of testing options at a large working area while keeping a compact footprint.

Travel speed is adjustable from 0.2 to 20 in/min or to 5 to 500 mm/min.

Note: Model A versions are sold with the necessary adapters for use with Chatillon grips.
Model B versions are sold with the necessary adapters for use with Lloyd grips.

Force gauges are sold separately.