Straightpoint Load Connect Network Software

Crosby Straightpoint LoadConnect connected to BaseStation is a cloud-based solution to monitor loads and line tensions from any distance and from anywhere in the world.
Each BaseStation can connect to up to 16 load cells simultaneously and wirelessly transmit data to cloud-based software, LoadConnect, and via SMS to your mobile phone.


How it works

Install your BaseStation on-site connected to most Crosby Straightpoint cabled or wireless loadcells. BaseStation transmits data to the cloud and then to your LoadConnect software and via SMS to your phone for simple data alerts.

View live load data, load alerts, share reports, view productivity and utilisation from anywhere in the world via LoadConnect and SMS simple phone alerts.


  • FEATURES• Dashboard overview
    • Live load data
    • Error reporting
    • Productivity and Utilisation graphs
    • Regular email reporting
    • SMS alerts
    • Connect to BOLT to monitor tension on cables
    • Connect to SP load cells to monitor loads
BENEFITS• Cloud based solution to monitor loads
• Reduce site visits
• Improve productivity
• Productivity and Utilisation graphs
• Faster reaction and collaboration
• Protect assets
• Improve worksite safety
• Monitor lifting projects from across the globe

• Monitor cable or wire tension such as telecom towers or suicide nets on bridges
• Monitor loads on large scale construction projects, where productivity and utilisation data improves efficiency