Ohaus Class F1 1g-2Kg Metric Mass Set Series

Adjusted to Meet or Exceed the OIML Class F1 Tolerance

OIML Class F1 Metric weight set. This weight set is constructed out of stainless steel. Hinged covered case. Kit consists of: 1-200g,1-100g,1-50g,1-20g,2-10g,1-5g,2-2g,1-1g,1-500mg,2-200mg,1-100mg,1-50mg,2-20mg,1-10mg,1-5mg,2-2mg,1-mg and forceps.

ASTM Class 6 Metric weight set. Construction material brass with lacquer coated finish. Hinged covered case. Kit consists of: 1-200g,1-100g,1-50g,1-20g,2-10g,1-5g,2-2g,1-1g,1-500mg,2-200mg,1-100mg,1-50mg,2-20mg,1-10mg,1-5mg,2-2mg,1-mg,and forceps