Detecto Icon Digital Physician Scale with Sonar Height Rod

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Made in the USA

Every so often in history, the evolution of a product takes a monumental step forward. DETECTO’s icon® represents the next generation of digital clinical measurement. There is nothing equivalent to the Icon® on the market!

DETECTO’s icon® scale includes 1 RS232 serial port, 1 USB-B port, ptional Wi-Fi, and Welch Allyn EMR/EHR connectivity available (see models listed above).


The icon’s powerful sonar touchless height rod combined with an all-in-one color display means the patient simply steps onto the scale platform and within a second your full measurements are all displayed onscreen instantly without having to press a single key for the ultimate in speed, hygiene, and accuracy.


The icon’s virtually-flat base is only 1.5 inches high, offering the ultimate in patient ease of use and comfort while weighing. Plus, the extra-wide 17 inch wide by 17 inch deep platform size allows bariatric weighing.

DETECTO’s icon® eye-level digital clinical scale has a dual-ranging capacity of 0.2 lb/0.1 kg up to 600 lb/300 kg and 0.5 lb/0.2 kg up to 1,000 lb/500 kg. The low-profile 17 in W x 17 in D platform is nearly flat at only 1.5 inches high. The icon® includes a non-medical grade standard AC adapter or can be powered by 12 AA batteries (not included). The touchless sonar height rod allows you to simply step on the scale and within seconds weight, height, and Body Mass Index will all be displayed onscreen without touching a single key.

DETECTO’s icon® scale assembles easily in seconds right out of the box without the use of any tools. The sonar height rod plugs easily into the back of the column and is held in place securely via a clip on the indicator and the receiving port on the column

The icon® features a high-tech, smartphone-style indicator for easy utilization with 7 simple buttons and a multi-color touchscreen LCD display for large readouts.

  • 0.9-inch-high, clinical-blue LCD weight digits
  • Multi-color touchscreen LCD display
  • Displays weight, height, and Body Mass Index onscreen simultaneously
  • Automatically locks on weight temporarily for a few seconds in order to easily view and record measurement
  • Menu button provides quick access to user-friendly menu settings for scale customization
  • Battery power level indication

Detecto Icon Digital Physician Scale with Sonar Height Rod