A & D M Series Moisture Analyzers Series

Moisture Analyzer

M Series

Super Hybrid Sensor designed MX and MF moisture analyzers clearly offer a better value in price, performance, accuracy, features and serviceability with true 0.01% standard deviation. Innovative heat chamber houses a 5000 watt halogen heating lamp producing fast and accurate results aided by its uniquely designed SRA filter, which serves to radiate heat uniformly and protect the lamp from test sample splatter. The SRA filter is easy to clean ensuring optimum performance.

WinCT software is free with the MX-50 and an option with the MF-50. WinCT moisture software allows real time graphic test data collection to Windows driven software. Balances feature an easy to read VFD display, programmable modes ( standard, automatic, timer, manual ), RS232 bi-directional interface, full digital calibration, test result memory ( 100 for the MX, 50 for the MF ), Conformity to GLP,GMP, GCP, and ISO with date/time, ID, calibration data and check record outputs. Standard accessories include 20 sample pans, 2 pan handles, tweezers, spoon, CD-ROM ( WinCT ), instruction manuals, RS232 cable ( MX-50 only ).