Weightronix ZK810 Digital Counting Scale

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Digital Counting Scale

The ZK810 Digital Counting Scale from Avery Weigh-Tronix is designed to provide highly accurate piece counts and general weighing information for applications that do not require legal for trade approval.
With a simplified user interface and robust BSQ Quartzell base, the ZK810 reduces customer training time while providing the strength and accuracy required for a variety of counting and weighing applications.

Outperforms Similarly Priced Counting Scales

The ZK810 was built for counting. The Quartzell used in the ZK810 provides outstanding accuracy but with fewer cornering and profiling steps than the standard Quartzell in the ZK830 and ZK840This allows for reduced production time and cost savings while maintaining internal resolution of 500 million counts, and accuracy over 99% for incredibly small parts. Due to the outstanding accuracy the ZK810 70lb capacity scale can also be downranged  as a 35 x 0.001 or 15 x 0.0005lb capacity scale.

Simplified User Interface

With just the essential counting scale features, the ZK810 Counting Scale is simple to operate. Training and setup are straightforward, so you can start weighing and counting in just a few short steps.

Robust Design

The ZK810 uses the same robust clam shell case as our BSQ Bench scale Combined with the new suspended Quartzell design, the ZK810 offers 1100% overload protection to guarantee accuracy.