Chatillon Nexygen DF Software


NEXYGEN DF Force Testing Software expands the functionality of your Chatillon digital force gauge. This easy to use Windows based package interfaces directly to your digital force gauge. Nexygen DF features a new operational philosophy by combining results data in a tabular format with the graphical information on a common display. It allows you to record results in tabular formats, plot force vs. time curves, perform simple pass / fail analysis and create comprehensive reports with the ability to export automatically to WORD or EXCEL templates. Graphical results also include markers denoting exact positions. You can also easily specify units of measure, fonts, titles, and force measurement resolution.

The software provides basic force measurement tensile and compression test formats including pull to break, pull to limit, compress to rupture, and compress to limit. Results are presented in a spreadsheet format so you can analyze and manipulate data and perform common mathematical and statistical calculations. The software is easy to setup and features intelligent prompts, menus, combo boxes and other methods to get you up and running quickly and efficiently with minimal training. Navigation is simple using “drag & drop” and cut, copy and paste techniques.

Data is easily exported to WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, POWERPOINT and OUTLOOK. Nexygen DF is ISO TickIT accredited as part of Lloyd Instruments BS EN ISO 9001:1994 registration. To effectively operate NEXYGEN DF, we recommend the following system requirements for your computer: Pentium 2 Processor, 400MHz 128MB Ram 250MB Hard Disk space CD Rom Drive 1 Free COM Port, with 16550 UART Monitor with resolution 1024 x 768 or higher. Don’t forget your gauge to interface cable.

  • Simple to setup and operate
  • Interfaces with your Chatillon force gauge
  • Integrates easily with Excel
  • Access
  • Word and Powerpoint
  • Graphical and tabular Presentation
  • TickIt Certified
  • Tension tests include pull to break or limit
  • Compression tests include compress to rupture or limit
MSRP: $390.00You Pay: $370.50